Validated CV

Are you looking for the job of your dreams or looking for a great professional opportunity ? Have you thought about doing again or updating your CV ? An essential player in job search, with the timeless cover letter, your CV is your business card, so it is important to take care of it. To approach the perfect candidate and stick as closely as possible to a job offer, the temptation can quickly arise to inflate it or even fake it.

What the law says ?

The employer has an obligation to verify the information provided by the candidate before hiring. In most cases, if the employer belatedly becomes aware of false information, it will be very difficult for it to turn against its employee once the hiring has been made. Indeed, it is the employee who will tend to be protected in the event of a conflict. Although there are some exceptions noted by case law.

However, in regulated professional sectors (health, justice, architecture, accountancy, etc.), where practice expressly requires a diploma, the candidate can risk a lot. Indeed, he risks criminal prosecution for forgery and use of forgery, an offense punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros or for illegal exercise of activity.

In all cases, companies have every interest in carrying out checks before hiring. However, it must do so legally and follow the following rules:

  • According to the Labor Code, “Any employer wishing to inquire about a candidate’s credentials must first request authorization”.
  • According to the CNIL: “The collection of references from the candidate’s professional environment (hierarchical superiors, colleagues, internship supervisors, supplier customers, etc.) is not contrary to the provisions of article 25 of the law of 6 January 1978 as long as it is not done without the knowledge of the candidate.

What if instead of omitting or lying, you bet on transparency?

Sourcing, checking and validating your CV is much more than a simple inquiry, it is the beginning of a long collaboration between the candidate and our recruitment firm Wellcom-Recruting, the possibility of a up-to-date skills or in many cases an essential orientation report to advance your professional projects.

Our work is based on verifying experiences and the validity of your skills. By “skills” we mean your technical qualities, your individual or teamwork behavior, your degree of daily involvement, your knowledge in general, acquired in class or on the job, we take everything into account.

We guarantee transparency, follow-up and coaching throughout our collaboration.

Thanks to the Firm, finding a position suited to your profile “today” necessarily implies your full support and collaboration in this process.

?I send my CV here?

I authorize the “Wellcom-Recruting” firm to source my entire CV with a view to being placed by the agency in a position corresponding to my professional background and my skills.