Help kitchen

As part of our Help Kitchen activities (troubleshooting) around your cooking problem, we will send you an outside helper who is a real kitchen conductor, the chef-trainer who coordinates, directs and supervises the entire kitchen activity of your kitchen or production unit. (Buffets for hotels) for the duration of a fixed-term assignment as a self-employed person or an employee.
In close collaboration with the management and / or the manager of hotel and restaurant activities, he defines, implements and supervises culinary production.
This service is available for hotels and restaurants.

Main activities :

  • Organize the supply and the orders in a concern of budgetary control and respect of the food premium.
  • Coordinate the work of culinary production teams.
  • Ensure cohesion between the kitchen department and your management team.
  • Creation of an offer of menus, cards, buffets, suggestions according to the target audience.
  • Ensure culinary production.
  • Analyze and follow the budget.
  • Supervise the kitchen staff in collaboration with your management team.
  • Manage stocks and inventories.
  • Control compliance with hygiene rules and the health control plan Control the maintenance of the equipment.(HACCP)
  • Implementation and verification of conservation, packaging and assembly rules for products.
  • Control the maintenance of the kitchen and its facilities.
  • Develop a creative cuisine that takes into account changing tastes, trends, seasons and costs.
  • Establishment of a kitchen manager and the “know-how” and “know-how to do” of the kitchen team.
  • Autonomous in the organization and execution of my work.
  • Sense of responsibility, customer relations and team spirit
  • Set up and apply advocacy rules in the fight against waste.